It’s “Captain” Bill’s New Blog!

"Captain" Bill

"Captain" Bill

Welcome to my new blog!  I hope you’ll follow along as we discuss cruising, traveling and vacationing of all kinds.  I am the owner of Captain’s Club Cruises and Tours, a cruise and vacation agency located in Middletown, NY. 

I started cruising as a young child and continued after I was married.  Over time I discovered I loved cruising so much, I decided to open the area’s first cruise-only travel agency in 1988.  At that time, cruise-only agencies were very rare, and many questioned how we would succeed with such a “limited” offering.  Well, succeed we did, through a combination of top-notch, personal service and extensive cruise knowledge and experience.

I have earned industry certifications: ACC – Accredited Cruise Counselor, MCC – Master Cruise Counselor, and ECC – Elite Cruise Counselor, the highest ranking currently available through the Cruise Line International Association, as well specific industry certifications through the major cruise lines.

Of course, I never hesitated to add Disney to the mix. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of Mickey and friends! And as we’ve grown, we’ve added a few select tour providers to accomodate you during those times when you’re looking for something different.


I love travel, and I delight in helping others discover the pleasures and wonders of vacationing too. So, when I say “We treat your vacation as if it were our own,” – WE MEAN IT!


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